"if it's good news, it must be someone else's"

Thursday, August 5, 2010

the wegman's rejection

well, it came in the mail.
a folded postcard affair from wegmans.
(i had had a phone interview for a job in their seafood department just a week ago that i thought went quite well. i was namin' fish left and right, all the while being my witty bad self with great fish jokes sprinkled in for conversational levity.)
well anyway, the postcard was a very kind, almost pleasant, rejection.
"it is our decision that nothing is available at this time for which you are suited; however, we will keep your application on file for a year in the event something we believe to be a good match for you opens up."

but a rejection is a rejection no matter how spectacular the postcard.
i thought, what possibly went wrong? it couldn't have been that old joke about "there was a black sea bass, a red snapper and a whitefish in a net ..."? it's cute.

i even told the interviewer about cranelegs pond and how it's a great way to come to understand what kind of introspective, intelligent, mature person i am.
i went on to say i probably even wrote something about wegmans if she was curious.

hmmm ...
that was very stupid of me.
what i wrote about my maturity and wegmans

i don't think i'll be hearing from them any time soon, or any time really late for that matter.


itsmecissy said...

You're really too good for them bob.

lightly said...

lets point out all the fail we can find.

1) you linked them here, your hommies are not a help we a hindrance.
2) you aim way to high, you need to flip burgers before you could get a challenging job like fish sorter.
3) humour not for everyone

Robert Crane said...

itsme - thanks but the truth is i'd love to get in there and make whatever department i'm in a great experience for the customers and fellow department mates. i just think it's hard for employers to imagine that's possible from the likes of me.

and lightly, my guess is if they could only see what a happy bunch we are at the pond, they'd hire me licketty split. unfortuunately, the special k episode has done did me in.

timethief said...

Ahhh ... shucks. That sucks! Well, onward and upward I say. Don't every let rejection bring you down. {HUG}

Robert Crane said...

oh gee tt ... thanks for the hug.

Pam said...

I thought you were a shoe-in for the job. You have so much creative talent to lend to their marketing.

Those people at Wegman's have no soul. You would've been perfect for the job.

Hope you didn't mention any of the Wegman family secrets. That's far worse than the Special K caper.

I have a feeling there are bright things on the horizon for you. Be patient.

How 'bout if I send Wegman's Corporate a bag of horse pucky? They're right here in Rochester, NY

Robert Crane said...

now now pamela! never you mind sending a bag of your best. wegmans isn't terrible, they just see an IT guy running amuck in the scallops. can't blame them really.

Pam said...

You'd do a great job promoting scallops! You could do a stand-up comedy routine while showing people the correct way to saute a scallop. It is an art, you know...sauteing scallops. Too little cooking and those little mollusks taste a tad "fishy", too much cooking and they have the texture and taste of rubber bands.

Wegman's blew their big chance to increase revenue in their seafood department.