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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

special k high jinks

i was at wegmans recently.
they have everything.
so i asked the stock guy in the cereal section, do you have regular k?
he asked, you mean special k?
i said, no, i'm not feeling so special these days. i'll go with the regular k, if you don't mind.
so he said, gee ... never heard of it.
i said, it's just not as popular because everyone wants to be special these days.
he said, i see. yeah, you're right.
i asked, could you check in the back? you guys have everything in the back.
he said, "everything" is our middle name sir. i'll check.
and off he went.
then i scampered out the store licketty split.
it's the sophisticated version of ringing the doorbell and hiding in a garbage can.
and when i got back to the car benny and andy yelled, did ya do it? did ya?
then i said, yeah! i'm getting tinkle drops! let's get out of here before they nab us!
and we laughed our heads off something silly as we raced through the parking lot at probably 6 miles an hour.!
or faster!


Pamela Beers. said...
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Pamela Beers. said...

That's 'cause I put it in the wrong post. The Horse Pucky Queen has been sniffin' too much methane.