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Friday, October 16, 2009

983. hate to burst the balloon but ...

i missed all the commotion from yesterday, why with that six year old being in that runaway wacko balloon, and then his not being in the ballon at all, and then his being found in the attic playing with toys, and then that tearful (well, huggy anyway) reunion with poor dad for all the world to see from the cnn situation room.

yeah, i missed it.

but i didn't miss some of the coverage today, why with those clips of dad acting deranged in that wife swapping reality show, and then the same poor kid tripping up on his lines about this all being a show, and dad and mom parading the whole clan before all the morning "news" shows, and then with the same kid puking on each and every network, and then the so called cable news shows suggesting something sinister might be afoot.

well, i don't want to burst anyone's balloon but "something sinister afoot" is an understatement.
it was a sensational hoax, the parents are certifiably uncertified to be parents, the kid is cute but on his way to a troubled life, the news networks are anything but, and we, the public, are the enablers of this freakin' mess.

our thirst for dumb reality shows, dumbed-down news and dummy people engaged in their dumb quest for fifteen minutes of fame can't be quenched.
we are riveted by the ridiculous while bored by the important.
we deserve what is coming.

and coming it is.


lightly said...

oh the crap we in for isn't coming its already here

robert crane said...

brother, you can say that again!
(that's just an expression, you don't need to really and you aren't really my brother. come to think of it, it's a stupid espression. forget i even commented.)