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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

984. she's singing! it's time!

thanks so much to regulars pam, itsmecissy, & lightly, and to all those folks who have made cranelegs pond their humor water cooler for the past few years! it's been fun!


itsmecissy said...

Huh? Now wait just a cotton picking minute, don't we have any input here? I mean where am I to find a better water cooler than here? bob, don't do this!!!

robert crane said...

thanks itsme for all your support the past few years. i plan to keep the blog open for a while. we'll see what happens in a few months or so. the truth is i'm not seeing the funny like i used to. too many distractions.

i'll stop by and visit from time to time. all the best!

lightly said...

so bob found a life

in computers all things don't last, blogging has reached the end of its life, facebook near the end of its life and twitter well only twits use it and its bound to come to a sudden horrible death as well.

but alas bob ain't going anywhere, there is only one of me, pam, itmecissy and the web is the only place you can find us, and trust me with friends like us reality has meaning without us he has nothing.

keaton can only scare him so much we scare him totally.

and another thing
if you want to start seeing funny again i would advise switching off the damn tv.

robert crane said...

ah, lightly, spoken like ... well like only lightly might speak.

you've been an entertainingly cantankerous commentator frm the get go. in fact, i have to dig into the files and produce your first contribution to the pond, i'm sure it was a doozey!

take care! eh!