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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

982. ever have one of those nights?

ever have one of those nights when you fall asleep before brushing your teeth?
and you wake up at three in the morning with that god awful, gloppy taste in your mouth?
so you lumber half awake into the bathroom?
and you don't turn on the light because you don't really want to wake up?
so you brush your teeth in the dark?
and you notice that the toothpaste doesn't have that minty clean taste?
but you brush anyway because it's not so bad and you just want to get back to bed?
so you rinse and stumble your clean teeth back to bed all satisfied and all?
then morning comes and you reach in the medicine cabinet for your razor?
and that's when you notice that the preparation h tube is on top of the toothpaste tube?
and it kind of gets your mind wondering?
so you check your gums to see if they are receding?
and they are?

you know, one of those kind of nights?
just wondering, that's all.


Auckland property manager said...

That's a funny story.Anyway,is it real?

robert crane said...

okay, maybe not the receding gums.
thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

itsmecissy said...

Yes to everything but the Preparation H part...and the receding gums, which I don't have.

Pam said...

Reminds of a story. I was tutoring an inner city teen and he thought reading was dumb. So-o-o, my next tutoring session, I brought in a tube of toothpast and a tube of preparation H...he couldn't tell the difference because he couldn't read. He now knows the importance of reading since he was going to brush his teeth with prep H and put minty toothpaste on his hemorrhoids. True story!

Erin O'Brien said...

It's wonderful when an author captures a subject with which he has no personal experience.

Sorcerer said...

haha!! awesome..

robert crane said...

Erin - thank you! yes! thank god i'm just wondering about it and that it didn't really happen.

sorcerer - receding gums during a recession is anything but awesome. it's like ... it's like ... why it's like redundant is what it is.

thanks to both of you for stopping by and commenting. it's appreciated!

robert crane said...

pamela pamela pamela ... why am i not surprised? maybe you could do a testimonial for "your baby can read" infomercial.