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Thursday, July 16, 2009

923. captain company crunch

i just heard about c.i.t. possibly falling into bankruptcy.
i worked there for a year or so.
initially i didn't think i had anything to do with their difficulties but i'm not so sure anymore.
you see, there are more in my dark employment history.
other companies i've worked for that did not fare well: aig and enron.
places that i worked for that were taken over by someone else while i was there: pharmacia, dsg, spectrum and centeon management group.
other joints that were taken over shortly after i worked there: stone paper and agere.

i'm beginning to wonder if i might possibly have company killing superpowers.
that being the case, if you see dark clouds gathering in the distant horizon that might just be me demonstrating my superpowers at a company near you.
if you don't see clouds but would like to, submit the company name to me and i will get back to you with my rates—even captain company crunch has to eat you know.

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lightly said...

oh thank god for that, for a moment i thought it was me.