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Friday, July 17, 2009

924. about food inc.

keaton and i went to see food inc. last weekend.
it was a bad idea then and it still was a bad idea now.
i knew that it was simply a ploy by keaton to guilt me into vegan submission.
and for a short period, it worked.
but i'm coming around from the god awful images of cattle and chickens being treated like pieces of ... well ... like pieces of meat.
sorta like i was treated when i wandered into a chippendales establishment not long ago to fetch a drink of water—or so i'd like to imagine anyway.
but after much sifting and thrashing, i've concluded that the real point of the movie is to go local, seasonal and organic—principles a high brow omnivore much like myself can live with.

so it's off to bart thumptickle's organic cow farm to find me a little grain fed beef, and this is one former three day vegan who plans to go armed with his trusty a-1 sauce bottle.

1 comment:

itsmecissy said...

tsk, tsk, tsk. Why do you get railroaded into these things bob?

keaton is a vegan and has frozen pork chop eyes?????