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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

knowing dogs

as some of you know, i have had the pleasure of being the human to several dogs: a beagle (parker), a cairn terrier (comet) and currently a lab (annabel lee).
this past week or so i've been the lucky guardian of an additional lab, savannah.
now look, i'm not exactly the dog whisperer.
not by a long shot.
in fact, i'm more the dog wimperer because they usually have their way with me.
but i have observed enough to know that dogs are not political, religious or frivolous.
they are one thing.
and i have to say, that's more than enough for me.

(i've had cats too, and one could extrapolate this simple truth, except by and large cats don't care)


Pamela Beers. said...

I get it, you are whispering but your dogs won't listen. Are you sure they aren't cats?

Whaddya mean cats don't care!? Sure they do...on their own time.

Enjoy those pooches. I'm sure they have you all figured out. And they love you unconditionally. Just like a cat. ;-)

itsmecissy said...

Cats just pretend not to care.