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Saturday, June 11, 2011

cranelegs pond & flying saucers

i added rss feeds to cranelegs pond many years ago.
i have a sneaky suspicion that these so called feeds have been secretly launching my blog posts into outer space.
because i haven't spotted a ufo since this all began.

we don't follow, what's your take bob, you ask.

it stands to reason that some of the posts, probably the ones about nose hairs and farts and such, must have been intercepted by more intelligent life forms, who certainly would have found them proof enough to remove earth from their travelocity cool-places-to-visit list.

and now all we flying saucer buffs have are empty night skies and the sad promise of no encounters of any kind.
alas, i am my own worst enemy sometimes.


lightly said...

no we still got Earth on places to visit.
we use it to scare our kids straight.
we show them movies of humans and tell them if they don't behave they will be sent to live there.

To date we have not had to send any of our kids here..

Pamela Beers. said...

Intelligent life forms? Where? Oh yeah, at the pond. All us cool types are at the pond. So there!

Robert Crane said...

"to date" being the operative words lightly. if they are heading into their teens, fasten your seat belts and test the booster rockets.

pam - ya know toots, you're a fun lovin' dame. here's commentin' to ya! (was that cool talk or what?)

Pamela Beers. said...

As they say in "jive talk", You be one cool dude, Bobby.