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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

who broke the lamp?

once upon a time my brothers and i played tackle football in the living room while the parents went to get 100% fat filled milk and wonder bread.
at some point during the first quarter, ma's prized antique lamp was smashed to smithereens.
when ma got home, it was the first thing she noticed after unrolling my brother ricky out of the living room carpet (our penalty for being a big baby).
during ma's ensuing enhanced wooden spoon interrogation technique, which to this day i'm sure was not in dr. spock's official parenting field manual, we turned on each other like a wild pack of celebrity apprentices, even though it was the direct result of a gang tackle of ricky, which he whined about (hence the big baby carpet bagging treatment).

anyway, i'm reminded of this story every time republicans and democrats scamper to blame each other over who broke the economy and who rolled up little pauly ryan in the oval office carpet.

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Pamela Beers. said...

There's more than Pauly Ryan rolled up in that oval office carpet. You might want to check under the rug as well.