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Friday, May 20, 2011

916. round them up! round them all up!

every once in a while we need to filter the gene pool.
oh, i know it sounds all totalitarian, but sometimes it's really not such a bad endeavor.
if done judiciously.

it's time.
i'm talking about those single cell mutants, mostly young males, who ride those sport motorcycles.
you know who they are.
the guys who weave in and out of traffic at a hundred miles an hour as if they are trying to out race a shotgun bullet.
(probably are)
the guys who think the double yellow line is their lane.
the guys who come to a complete 75 mile an hour stop.
those evolutionary wrong path takers.

i can say this with certainty.
if one rides one of those contraptions, one is a bad seed.

to quote my old friend roz novosolikovikov, "simple like that".
i've never seen one behave even remotely like a two cell human (e.g., limbaugh, hannity, beck, et al).

so what do we do?
we get that guy who catches child sex predators to set up a store front and sell those damn yamaha things for $1 a pop.
who ever comes through the door and hands over a dollar, we exterminate.
quick and painlessly.
quick anyway.

well maybe quick like a turtle.

i suggest we start in new jersey, because we have way too many of these human dna don't haves, plus it's my idea.
nothing crazy mind you.
just thin the herd a little.
that's all i'm saying.
get this scourge under control.

take our streets back!


itsmecissy said...

If I lived in New Jersey, I'd start thinning the herd with your Governor for starters. Who voted for this numbskull???

Robert Crane said...

okay itsme, i'm gonna disappoint you.

no i did not vote for the numbskull, but he actually isn't doing such a bad job. he is more moderate than folks like me might have thought. he also presents pretty good reasonable arguments (not like brainless hannity but like a person who understands commonsense).

i'm not about to vote for him (we are still ideologically too far apart), but he isn't the epitome of evil either (as i originally thought).

just sayin'.