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Saturday, April 30, 2011

how did donald trump get into prestigious wharton school of business?

people tell me donald trump was a terrible student, just terrible.
so how does a horrible student get into wharton, one of the finest business schools in the country, after screwing around for two years at fordham.
i don't know but maybe his rich daddy got him in, like he did for his private school and military school education.
everyone wants to know so why doesn't he just release his school transcripts and tuition payment records.
he keeps promising to tell us everything but we don't know a thing about him.
he's the most secretive real estate tycoon around.
what's he hiding?
some people have even suggested, and i'm not saying it's true or false, that he wasn't even born on earth and if you think of it, his hair is the kind of hair aliens would come up with to make them look like one of us.
i mean i hope it's not true  but in the meantime i've hired some terrific investigators to look into his records and hair samples and get to the bottom of this and i'm telling you they are telling me some unbelievable things.
i can't share them with you yet but they are coming up with some fantastic stuff.


Laurie said...

I came to your blog, as always, to find fortitude in humor, and after watching all that has gone on with Trump lately, that can only be classified as bullying, like that snot nosed kid in the fifth grade, that wanted to eat your lunch, just so you couldn't have it, I laughed and laughed, and I'm still laughing. I hate bullies. But I love a good perspective. Love ya!

Robert Crane said...

i'm so glad you found this funny b/c i was chuckling the entire time i was writing it, which means at least i'm not alone.

Pamela Beers. said...

Donald Trump for President and Sarah Palin for Vice-President. Whadya think about that? Just imagine...if you can...we'd have the Palm Beach Playboy and the Mad Hatter. It's enough to make a person want to leave planet Earth.

itsmecissy said...

Or at least move to Canada.