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Thursday, April 28, 2011

(from the files) 637. jim cantore of the weather channel

(written about two years ago, i pulled this out because jimbo is still at it)

jim cantore of the weather channel is odd.

he's the bald headed fellow who strikes me as the type of guy who struts around the weather channel set challenging others to arm wrestling or rattling off his latest bench press record.
but when the cameras roll and it comes to weather, he's all button down the hatches and tuck up in a ball.

last night he moderated a panel discussion on: are people more or less prepared for hurricanes than in the past?
first, the only reason i'm watching this at all is that i just came from the channel next door, msnbc.
they chose to interrupt the olympic games for inane banter among tiki, jenna and tamron, which has become an intolerable situation—a national crisis really.

anyway,it's hard to imagine this weather discussion panel question about hurricane preparedness is on the minds of more than five people: jimmy c, the three panelists, and bartley smuckers down the road who got hit by lightning not that long ago.
i'm talking about the "he is a professional" part.

an odd fellow he is, albeit professionally.

let's face it, a quick assessment from good old dr. stevey boy lyons is more than the whole affair deserves.
but this is a panel discussion, and believe you me jimbo managed to squeeze the subject bone dry, asking the hard hitting questions and tripping up his weather colleagues with tough follow-ups.
i was impressed.
he sure does take his weather seriously.

and today, when i stopped by the gang for a quick update on hurricane fay, there he was, standing on a beach in south florida with goggles on, demonstrating that when 75 mph winds blow on a beach, it picks up sand that can get in your eyes if left unprotected, all the while reminding us not to do this at home, that he is a professional.
well, i for one, am glad he cleared up that little mystery.
not the sand in the eyes part—i think most of us understand with maybe the exception of poor lightning struck bartley smuckers.


Pamela Beers. said...

Gee whiz, Jim Cantore has nothing over us here in Rochester, NY. The winds are so strong here today, one of the horses was airborne. Now that's weather conditions worth mentioning!! 'Specially since there was a lot of horse pucky flying around, as a result.

Ulan Magula said...

Worlds Strongest Man that Cantore boy