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Thursday, February 10, 2011

benny gets not politically correct

benny said, i know it's not politically correct but—
i said, stop!
benny said, what?
and i said, whenever you start with "not politically correct", what you really mean is what you're about to say is going to offend people but you don't care about your insensitivity because the offended should just get over it.
benny said, no it doesn't mister put-words-in-my-mouth.
i said, fine then. what does it mean?
benny said, just that i know liberals, like you, are going to be upset because what i'm about to say is the truth and you liberals don't like the truth.
i said, okay then, tell me what truth it is that i don't want to hear.
benny said, geez! what i was goin' to say was, i know it's not politically correct but you could blindfold an oriental with a strand of spaghetti if you had to.
i said, you are an idiot!
benny said, see! that's what i mean! the truth is they are from the orient so they're oriental. fine! I'll call them asian if that'll make you feel any better.
i said, are those ping golf clubs of yours still willed to me?
benny said, yeah.
i said, do me a favor and give them to someone else so that i might be released from the devil's bond.


Pam said...

Speaking of golf; maybe if I'm blindfolded when I hit the links, I'd play better. Then I wouldn't hit the links, I'd hit the ball.

itsmecissy said...

You've got the patience of a saint bob.