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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

don't tell me life isn't unfair

i have religiously brushed and flossed my teeth daily, faithfully scheduled two dental check-ups and a periodontist cleaning a year including fluoride treatments and jet powered gum washing, and willingly absorbed enough gamma rays to render a wild mustang impotent.
and for my efforts, i still have amassed four root canals, four yanked wisdom teeth, more crowns than in history of english royalty, and enough mercury to damage the brain of a personal injury lawyer.

so don't tell me life isn't unfair.


Pam said...

It's the jet-powered gum washing that did it. Ya gotta watch out for those vapor trails from the jets. They're killers.

Eat an apple a day keep writing.

~The Horse Pucky Queen

itsmecissy said...

Well, at least it's unfair to all of us.