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Friday, December 10, 2010

poor jobs number impacts 2011 westminster dog show

due to the lousey jobs situation, the westminster kennel club has decided for its upcoming 2011 dog show to divide the working group into two classes: employed and unemployed.


itsmecissy said...


Pam said...

Let's see now...the employed would be German shepherds because they assist the police, who are required to catch all the crooks in New York City.

The unemployed would be...gee I can't think of any. All those working dogs are called working dogs because they work. So, Bobby, your theory is busted.

Randy Johnson said...

Pam: Working dogs? ...if walking around in circles while simultaneously suppressing the urge to lick yourself is considered work, then I'm putting in longer days than I thought. I need a vacation!

Bob: I think your theory is sound. In fact, I bet we could outsource all these not licking yourself jobs to India, and America would be none the worse off for it.

Pam said...

Supressing those urges is work!

You guys would never leave home if you could...well you know.