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Sunday, December 12, 2010

(from the files) monkey business appropriate

keaton rounded the bend wearing a short-on-coverage-big-on-cleavage outfit.
then she asked with just a hint of a self-assured smile, well, what do you think big boy? business appropriate?

that's what happens when she tries on stuff she has squirreled away for thirty years.
i think she occasionally does this as a rather innocuous way to check in on the toll her womanly contours continue to endure at the horrible hands of aging degradation.
of course, she leaves the assessment up to me knowing full well i might be as dumb as a couch but smart enough not to die prematurely.
in large part, i chalk this one act play up to her female dna.

anyway, as i looked at her, i was thinking this particular outfit is a throw back to the seventies when go-go was bigger than ga-ga.
i collected my thoughts and replied, ah ... yeah ... um ... monkey business. it's appropriate for monkey business because you look hot. come here my little saucy hullabaloo hoochie momma.
but then again, that's what i always think of when she is wearing something short-on-coverage-big-on-cleavage wear, which i chalk up to being part of my neanderthal survival instinct.

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