"if it's good news, it must be someone else's"

Friday, July 2, 2010

well that was a whole lot of nothing

so much for the nexus of humor and dreams of witty exchanges with winfrey and letterman.
(see preceding post)
okay so the lunch was decadent, the open window view upon cornelia street soothing, the indian fall day sparkling, the anticipation giddy, and all the red cones with not a film crew vehicle within a mile of the joint giddy killing.
five hundred copies of my script and the only person who wanted one was a guy dressed like davy crockett pushing a three wheeled shopping cart filled with recyclables and a three quarter emptied bottle of gin bouncing about on top.
i gave it to him for three dollars.
which he immediately rolled up and slipped down the barrel of his winchester—the three dollars that is.
as for the script, he ripped off the first page, folded it up real carefully, slid it into his shoe, placed the shoe back on, threw the remainder of the script into a trash can and walked away whistling that "king of the wild frontier" ditty of his.

so it's back to the drawing board as soon as i have a little chat with my brother about his sources.
all in all though, it was a great day, even though my vision of sugar plums were smashed like grapes..
my son and i caught up on world cup football, ranger hockey and our favorite curb your enthusiasm moments—you know, stuff that can be so much more important than the allure of fickle fame and fortune.


itsmecissy said...

But the white bean raviolis were heavenly right? What about the white bean raviolis???

Randy Johnson said...

You’d think "a whole lot of nothing" would be the same as "a little bit of everything", but, it isn’t. I’m not sure why it isn’t, and I’m equally not sure why they're not opposites, but they aren’t, neither mathematically nor grammatically. It’s just another one of life’s mysteries.

…When I sit in the back of the class, sometimes my mind wanders.

Hmmm…. ♫ Davy, Davy Crockett, king of the wild frontier! ♫♪

Robert Crane said...

there were no white bean ravs either, but i'm teliin' ya, the two hours of conversation with my son were priceful (as opposed to priceless, randy, mr. worried-about-the-english-already).

(just kiddin')

swillow said...

I liked your script. It induced laughing out loud in three places as I remember. I hope you keep moving down the "Plan x" list.

Pam said...

Nothing can be everything. Now I have to go make white bean raviiolis 'cause that's all I have in my pantry...flour and white beans. I like to make something from nothing. But then is it really nothing?

Umberto, I still think you should go into acting. Change your name a bit and try out for an Italian subtitled film. You won't even have to talk...just move your lips.

Let's see about that name. Hm-m-m Umberto Cannolini ties in nice with the white bean raviolis.

I think maybe I've been looking at that can of white cannolini beans in my cupboard too long.

Hanging out with children and grandchildren can be very priceful. But that's because they're priceless.