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Sunday, July 4, 2010

(from the files) 305. home alone - episode three

i’m home alone again for a week and i’m already falling prey to my manly ways.
not shaving or combing my hair.
baking all the stuff i like in one dish, like: ham, chicken, a-1 sauce, english muffin pieces, goat cheese, plums, and a beer to bring it together.
watching dumb shows like ultimate fighting and cops, with an occasional espn sportscenter thrown into the mix.
blasting gas like there's no tomorrow.
and other nutty things.

hopefully, i’ll be able to come to before the queen of kings returns or i could have a situation.
in the meantime, i’m livin’ crazy baby.
except for the parts when the pseudo step daughter is around.
and fortunately, she is most of the time, or this wild man might be pushin’ up daisies by now.


itsmecissy said...

Don't forget to watch the fireworks from D.C. tonight, they're spectacular.

Is it too late to catch a flight to the left coast? We have plenty of food... Happy 4th!

Robert Crane said...

i 'mt flap in' mt a rms az i com nment ! b e th re soop 1