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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the beck/palin tea party needs some accountability

here is what is wrong with this so-called tea party that beck and palin would have us believe is the backbone of the country they love.

they're fearful and naive!

that's what's wrong.

the billboard above was produced and paid for by the north iowa tea party.
to compare the president of our country, who was voted in overwhelmingly by a free populace, to the likes of hitler and lenin is as anti-american and unpatriotic as one can get.
and to further suggest obama's "change" preys on the fearful and naive is just plain crazy.
the billboard itself is the product of and tribute to fear and naivete.
furthermore, its designer, the tea party, is the party of fear and naivete.
and they have been preyed upon brilliantly and profitably by the fear-mongering of its self-proclaimed champions, beck and palin.

so explain yourselves beck and palin.
explain how this is part of the country you love and want back.

i'm not laughing anymore.
the cutesy, flippant, inflammatory speak of beck/palin is firing up a very dangerous anger that is starting to leak from the edges, as evidence by this latest national insult.
their  talk of socialism and death panels and reverse racism is just stirring the pot.
if they keep it up, the unthinkable will occur, if it isn't too late already.
this sort of crap has got to stop.
it's time for some accountability.

what do you say beck and palin?


lightly said...

don't mess with the pretty people.

you have beck/palin we has a new TAX HST.
we lose

Pam said...

That billboard is downright scary, extremely dangerous, and just plain ignorant. I can't believe the "Tea Party" stooped so low.

Those "tea bags" have been brewing too long. They should go out in yesterday's garbage.

Shame on them and shame on whatever idiot put the damn billboard up in the first place!

itsmecissy said...

I think these are the same people who in the 60s "rebelled against the system" and dropped acid.

Now it's 2010, they're still "rebelling" and taking Metamucil.

The Tea Party = crazy old white people with nothing but time and money their hands.

Pam said...

Time + money = Tiny = Tiny minds = Tea Party = HORSE PUCKY.