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Saturday, June 26, 2010

"how's all that hope and change workin' for yeh?"

sarah palin, the puppet-mastress of the tea party, is not very smarticky.
and to tell you the truth, her densicky is becoming boricky.
like her latest winking brilliance, "how's all that hope and change workin' for yeh?"

the answer is, "it's not", of course.

no thanks to the boulders dressed in suits masquerading as republicans.
no thanks to an out-of-control oil assault on the planet by an out-of-control oil industry.
no thanks to alarming unemployment numbers caused by the misdeeds of an unfettered financial industry.
no thanks to endless nation building in a country where you can't even get water to come out of hiding.
no thanks to the two nogoodniks hellbent on running their beloved iran and north korea into nuclear fallout.
no thanks to the shallow shenanigans spawned by the brains of the three high school degreed, chickenhawk stooges: rush, glenn and sean.
no thanks to a big mouth general and his frat brothers.
no thanks to unfair, unbalanced fox and fiends, whose collective memory is short and ideology long known.

and no thanks to sarah, whose rhetoric, lies and misleadership prey upon the kind of red, white and blue fear that only folks who desire their guns and god—as odd a couple as i can imagine—possess.

you see, hope and change never really had a chance.
some of that i place at the feet of obama as the cost of learning on the job.
but the ugliness and resistance that reared swiftly from the loud and stupid to keep the "foreign born, dark socialist" in his place when the man hadn't been in office an hour yet was born from a primal fear of the "other" that one could not have envisioned.

yet all we really have is hope.
and all we can hope for is big change.
but not the sort that this november may bring.
and to think the most fickle among us, with their participation in the history of the moment securely locked away and with it any misplaced guilt, are poised to give this mess back to those who brung it on.

i don't get it.

as bad as things are, we should all be ecstatic that the grumpy old man and alaska annie oakley aren't anywhere near the helm of this broken barge tossing in these swirling seas.
but even more important, this is no time to entertain the thought of handing over the reigns to their old mates.


Randy Johnson said...

Bravo Bob! Bravo!

itsmecissy said...

I second the two bravos and raise you one - bravo, bravo, bravo!

I could not have said that better.