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Sunday, June 27, 2010

(from the blook) field marshall for five hours

i took a personality test for stumbleupon.
not sure why i took it.
probably because i'm just an amicable fellow who follows orders, which is strange because i tested out as a “field marshall", that is, one who likes to give orders.
well, the only thing i can say is: it's about time!
move over mister meek.
here comes the new bob.
and the first thing i'm gonna do is give a few field orders to keaton.
and one of them will have to do with wearing a little french maid number i just mail ordered.
oh baby, let the field marshalling commence!

(fast forward five hours)

my field marshall days were doomed from the get-go.
i had a feeling it was a bad idea.
i seem to recall getting as far as “... ordering french maid num—", when i was struck down by a frozen pork chop (keaton's manstake correction device of choice).
oh well, needless to say, i took the personality test over and over again until i got it right: "best suited to perform household chores happily".
unfortunately, until the little french outfit arrives, i'm forced to vacuum wearing only a speedo with bag over my head.
it's not so bad though.

been worse.

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