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Sunday, June 27, 2010

a major mcdonalds question

we have a mcdonalds that has unlimited refills at its self-serve soda fountain.
do you have one of these near you?
if so, that's good because maybe you can answer this for me.
why do they offer three different cup sizes?
and even more puzzling, why is the largest, most expensive one called the best value?

when i inquired about this unlimited refill versus best value conundrum, the kid behind the counter explained that if i refilled the small one three times and i refilled the supersize three times, i'd get plenty more for my money with the supersize?
i said, oh, i see, the equal number of refills principle.
the kid yawned and said, yeah, something like that.

you see why i'm askin'?
i think the kid is trying to pull a fast one over on me.

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