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Friday, June 18, 2010

bloody orientated

today i made my second trip to the employment center.
i was to be orientated.
this time my fly was zipped and socks matched.
and normally that would be great, except i needed a distraction.

you ever try to take a person seriously who has a fresh, ruby-pulpy gash right smack between the nostrils and upper lip?
possibly from the kind of shaving mishap one might encounter when a six month old lady schick razor gets in the unsteady, heavy hand of a lumberjack with parkinson's?
well, minus the parkinson's part, that's what i did to myself this morning during my usually uneventful clean-up-nicely-before-visiting-the-employment-center process.
anyway, if you are the sort who can barely contain their amusement at such a sight, then you understand why i could have used the distraction.

now i am the distraction down at the old center.
they see me coming, and they scatter faster than marbles in a moving box car.
but i persisted and at least was orientated for my troubles.
bloody orientated but orientated just the same.

and let me just say, now that i'm orientated about my unemployment, i'm expecting big things because i was so not oriental before.
or to politically correctify that, i'm certainly more exotic now, and an exotic bob feels pretty damn fabulous to tell ya the truth.

1 comment:

Pam said...

Sounds like you'd be more marketable with your fly unzipped.

One plaid sock and one stripe sock would work too.