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Thursday, June 17, 2010

(from the blook) folding laundry

okay, so i fold laundry.
mostly because the thought of keaton touching the toxic waste i pass off as underpants is much too much for me to manage.
having said that, she has some under apparel (i think) that quite honestly are complete mysteries in oh so many ways.
for instance, there are some stringy items, not sure what they are, that when i fold in half, disappear.
regarding silk intimates—don't like the feel against my guitar-calloused, man fingers.
as for bras, short of collecting all the straps and stuff in the bowls and closing it up like a clam, i'm hopeless to find any folding technique that results in any precise outcome.
and finally, those tops with the built in breastical support and ropes, impossible to figure out.
but give me a pile of big girl cotton panties and i'm your guy—keaton has many of those.


itsmecissy said...

Bras don't go in the dryer!!! One suggestion for the "toxic waste," get yourself some Krud Kutter (it's a real product). Works on Mr. itsme's "delicates" every time.

Robert Crane said...

everything goes in the dryer when i'm in charge, even the dog if she gets in the way. by the way, contrary to popular belief, labs do not shrink. they are not made of cotton like um ... let's say french poodles are.

"krud kutter"? my man delicates laugh in your general direction.