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Thursday, June 24, 2010

about goog le trender - george vlosich III

[the first in a series called, "about goog le trender", where bob comments on what's trending in goog le land.]

george vlosich III is an artist.
his medium is etch-a-sketch.
and he's the 3rd no less.
makes me wonder what the 1st and 2nd were up to.
but i don't have to wonder too hard because who cares?
i mean, now that mr. master of his knobs the third has reached google search trending stardom, racing to a volcanic rating in the hot department, what difference does it make what the first and second did, other than pass on some wild outlier genes to number three.

now look, i'm not saying georgie boy there doesn't deserve his props. 

all i could ever do on my etch-a-sketch was draw a picture of a straight line.
so there you go.
he's brilliant.
i mean look how he made these two guys look like best buds.

talk about luck of the birth.
suppose he had been born twenty years earlier.
he would have been stuck making his art out of mr. potato head or maybe porridge for chrissakes.

so here's what i wonder about, besides all the interest in his etches all of a sudden.
what if he has all his art in one show, like in san francisco, like during an earthquake?
what then?
i couple of shakes and wholla!
tens of dollars of art, erased by nature.
i wouldn't be able to sleep at night if i were georgie.
that's one thing i know.

another thing i know is that old man archie apgar up the road makes sculptures out of cow dung, and he barely comes up on a plain old google search, let alone something as fancy as a google trend buster.
and nothin' for nothin but his sculpture called, "two flowers that don't smell so rosy", ran away with second prize at the municipal fair just a week ago.
not sure mr. sketchy the 3rd would have been able to claim the same, that is if he had the gumption to even enter the cultural extravaganza with his fancy-dan, sand-in-a-box, art tools and all.
i'm afraid he'd quickly discover to be no match for archie, a vision and a fresh meadow muffin.

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