"if it's good news, it must be someone else's"

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

oh baby, i'm sharpenin' up me makin' money bloggin' skills

for fathers day i received the book "problogger" from my pseudo step daughter, alix.
she's a good egg.
no ... she's a great egg who has to put up with my wandering about the place in plaids and stripes half the time.
anyway, this book she gave me is pretty good.
if it's subtitle, "secrets for blogging your way to a six-figure income", is any indication, it has a lot of promise.
after all, with three figures already stuffed in my bank account from the old fibmercials and scams blog, i'm half way there already.
makes me sort of like the kid in the front row with his hand up all the time.
you know, the kid named albert or penbrook with all the answers already.

so all i'm saying is expect some snappy, commercial things at cranelegs pond in the near future.
possibly a big old bp oil rig right smack in the middle.
get a little something for all my trouble.
something a little more industrious.
like this for instance:


Randy Johnson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lightly said...

i had the great pleasure of having 2 of those in my class, the nice thing was each thought the other was a moron.
usually its the male jocks job to inflict pain on these people but thanks to females we had they did a good job, save a whole lot of males some serious detention time.

Robert Crane said...

for all those inclined to wonder, i was a spitball magnet my uninformative years, even with my rather backwards and forwards name, bob. and unfortunately the old putdown, "i'm rubber your glue ..." never worked with spitballs dripping from my nose.

plaids and stripes or no plaid and stripes. females or no females.

Randy Johnson said...

I tried to delete my earlier comment and slip away un-noticed, but just like in grade school the evidence of my stupidity is sometimes hard to hide.
…I’ll just stand here and try to look innocent.

Robert Crane said...

randy, not to worry, you were successful removing your comment that said:
"i will not throw a spit wad!"
"i will not throw a spit wad!"
"i will not throw a spit wad!"
"i will not throw a spit wad!"
"i will not throw a spit wad!"

(no one will know!)

Randy Johnson said...

Thanks for having my back there Bob!

Jeeze, now I'm having flashbacks of 4th grade. One day this kid named Steve, or maybe it was Bob. I don’t remember (we never really became friends.) Anyway, one day after recess he went and told the teacher a big fat lie, and boy was I in trouble. Well “big fat lie” is what I called it. That was my initial defense strategy. I was no Perry Mason.

But then the kid produced the evidence: Exhibit A.) His shredded shirt. Prior to recess it was allegedly an un-tattered striped button down dress shirt, and unfortunately there were witnesses who would attest to that scenario. Standing there in his undershirt, he handed the torn pieces to the teacher, who with me in tow delivered them to the principle (who would later deliver them to my mother in a paper bag.) The pile of material was placed on the principle’s desk: sleeves, cuffs, a collar, and a bunch of miscellaneous scraps. Sort of a make your own shirt kit.

Without the advice of counsel I took the witness stand, and was soon badgered into giving up my original defense strategy. That prosecuting teacher was really good. But then in the cross-examination I produced some physical evidence of my own: Exhibit B.) My top button was missing. I was about to blow this case wide open! No one saw it coming. I decided to fight truth with truth! “Steve, er Bob” I explained “grabbed me on the playground, and my button popped off.” The prosecutor paced back and forth, and then came right at me. “So you decided to rip his shirt off and tear it into little pieces?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

The principle’s gavel hit the desk. “Guilty an all counts!” No leniency for the missing button was even considered. Looking back on it I probably should have gone with a Napoleon complex defense. Being the smallest kid in 4th grade you sometimes have to overcompensate to protect your playground cred.

Robert Crane said...

no problem with the back having.

(and funny story, very funny!)

Randy Johnson said...

Thanks Bob (for thinkin’ the story's funny) Maybe I'll edit it up a bit and post it on my blog. Man I've got to learn to leave shorter comments. That's the second one that's gonna turn into a full blown blog post. Something about visiting the pond just seems to get my writing' juices flowing.

Also, if you're an expert on how pictures work in this Picasa-Google-Bloggy deal I'm stumped. First my icon thingy turned into a red X and then I tried to.... See there I almost did it again. I could go on a long time about my picture problems.

Robert Crane said...

i am not ... an expert that is.

[private note to randy: we're becoming the new burns and allen, if we're not careful, and i don't make a good blonde!]