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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

21 Guns

my son was probably no more than 11 when, much like his old man, the cranelegs music gene took hold.
and the group that grabbed him by the g clef was green day.
i had never heard of them.
and when i finally gave them a look-see, i was less than impressed, pining for the good old days of led zeppelin and the likes.
well that was 14 years ago and after incessant prodding by my son, i've grown to become quite a fan of green day.
so for my son's quarter century b-day, he and i are going to see green day's "american idiot" on broadway.
and i can't wait.
here are 21 reasons why: 21 guns (have to endure a 10 second ad but worth the trouble)
(and the best part: my son will be playing his favorite led zeppelin tunes in the car on the ride over—a music mentoring job completed nicely.)

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