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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

(from the boss don files) 809. boss don - being miserable is motivational

i recently read one of those dumb yahoo articles.
this one was about identifying miserable jobs and taking steps to improve them.
it actually made some sense.
so the next day i marched into boss don's office to take my first steps.

me: hey boss, thanks for taking a moment to talk to me.
boss don: what is it crane? i don't have all day.
me: okay, look, i want to improve this really miserable job i have.
boss don: not sure why you'd want to. miserable is motivating, and i've worked hard to make you miserable.
me: yeah, well, whatever. anyway, my first step is to help you understand what i need as an employee.
boss don: you're miserable right?
me: yeah, that's why i'm—
boss don: then what else do you want? i'm miserable too and look where it's gotten me. "miserable is my shepherd, i shall not want anything else." that's my lord's prayer!
me: hmm. i guess i need to regroup. maybe i'm thinking all wrong about this.
boss don: yeah well regroup your ass and get me your status report by 1 today, i'm leaving early to play golf.
me: but i'll have to work through lunch to do that.
boss don: think miserable crane! think miserable!

then i had a miserable thought, i have to stop reading "job how to's" written by idiots who apparently never had to "how to".

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itsmecissy said...

I get suckered into reading these "how to's" as well, you'd think I'd learn. If it's any consolation, I have a "boss don" too. Misery loves company.