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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

my value preposition

i was reading up on how to get more traffic to this blog, when i stumbled on a bigshot blogger who said it's all about moving forward your value proposition.and i thought, well that certainly does seem logical.

so i took a moment to ask myself, "self, what's my value proposition?"
i leafed through a bunch of my posts and played some thinking music and really gave this a good goin' over.
that's when it occurred to me, value proposition? heh! that's pretty funny. this joint depreciates. it doesn't value. if anything i need to push back my depreciation proposition.

but that's going backwards and according to msnbc i need to lean forward.

in other words, i still need to push something forward of value.
and that's when it struck me.
i can push forward a value preposition.
now that's something i can do.

so with that in mind, i value the preposition instead of.
don't ask me why?
not really sure why to be honest although a suspect it might have something to do with wanting to push forward a value preposition instead of a value proposition.


lightly said...

you want more traffic then just advertise , gee talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill

Laurie said...

I like prepositions better myself. Propositions sound so seedy, like a salesman came calling. I enjoy your writings.

Robert Crane said...

Lightly, as always, thanks for snapping me to. I'm working on a portable billboard. It's old school with a twist.

Laurie, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I agree with your sentiments. Back when I was an IT Project Manager by day and a rather dashing gigolo by night, propositional phrases were all I ever made and to no avail I might add, leaving me with merely a little dangling participle and big altered ego. I found the whole affair a bit insalubrious (boy I like that word). In the end, prepositions were really all I ever had. A life lesson learned I suppose.