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Monday, January 4, 2010

994. fixing the english language

it's about time we started to fix the english language, with all its misspellings and broken rules.
it doesn't have to be all at once.
maybe five fixes a year for starters and see how it goes from there.
and at the top of my list is straightening out "lay, lie, lying, laid, lied, lain" and that whole mess.
my recommendation is to scrap it all and use the damn rules.

lay (to place down): lay, layed, and had layed (like "play" for chrissakes).
lie (to tell an untruth): lie, lied, had lied
lie (recline): change it to "lay" and its new rules (most of us already do it that way anyway)

and while were at it, could mississippi just change the damn spelling to the way it sounds: mrs. sippy.



lightly said...

good luck with that one bob.

Pam said...

Mrs. Sippy works for me!

Anonymous said...

work on your possessives next

"it's new rules"

Robert Crane said...

thanks anon. its killing me. your so right. there enough to drive me crazy.

Randy Johnson said...

Al Capone pled guilty.
Bernie Madoff pleaded guilty.
I don't understand the difference, but I think they both did it!