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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

995. about love

(as i close in on the magic 1000, i have few moments left to weigh in on love. my avoidance has ended.)

love can strike quickly and without warning, or grow slowly and with great deliberation.
it can be frivolous and fun, or stern and labored.
it can erupt for strangers, or blossom with friends.
regardless when or for whom it does, it can be beautifully fragile and softly shortlived like a butterfly, or rock solid and coldly cured like cement.
all the while privately endured, mutually shared and publicly judged.

it's something so unpredicatable isn't it?
prized by some.
dismissed by others.
well, for better or worse, good times and bad, i have little choice but to pursue it mightily.


Pam said...

It's damn scary if you ask me.

lightly said...

Love is the glue that binds the human race.
without it we would be one lean mean killing machine

Lily Of The Valley said...

loved that... thank you :)