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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

992. bob's best and worst of this decade

it's that time of decade when we all think about the best and the worst.
well, to be honest, i didn't have to think very hard.
and i must say, my choices are like bookends to a troubling ten years.

the best of the decade came at its close.
the election of barack obama, especially after enduring the bush years, was one for the ages.
it was almost up there with the birth of my son, which based on my propensity to produce sperm who prefer floating to swimming, had about the same chances of occurring, maybe even less.

a distant second was the unbelieveable super bowl win by my beloved giants over the new england patriots, which brings me to the runner up to the worst of the decade.
my beloved hated giants again.

It was a 2003 playoff game against the san francisco forty niners, up by 24 points in the third quarter.
the fork was stuck in the lowly niners real deep.
they were done.
nothing to do but apply the steak sauce.
except, no.
they weren't done.
they had the giants right where they wanted them, celebrating.
by the end of the fourth quarter, it was all niners.
the giants lost and i lost three nights of sleep.

but that was child's play compared to the worst of the decade.
no, it wasn't 9/11  nor the first or second bush elections.
no, it wasn't even the "preparation h" toothpaste incident.
not even the giants dumb game this past weekend could dislodge this decade's number one worst event in bob's life .

you have to go way back to the beginning, specifically August of 2000, to find it.
that's a long time ago.
it's the beginning of the decade for crying out loud.

the winner is (or loser i suppose) ...
richard hatch's crowning achievement as the first survivor show's winner.

i don't want to talk about it.
i get ill whenever i do.
it's like it just happened yesterday.
the only good thing i can say is that the lying bastard finally went to prison.
but i feel no relief.
he will always haunt me.
how could that dumb doctor vote for him!
i'll never forgive him.
never! ever!

not even barack's election can sooth the pain i carry deep in my soul.
"never forget" is all i can say!
never forget!

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itsmecissy said...

GO NINERS, next year we're going to the SB FOR SURE. I am keeping the faith (always have).

I'll have to think more about the best and the worst of the decade, it's too hard to choose.