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Thursday, November 19, 2009

985. Newsweek needs a name change


itsmecissy said...

Usually I'd agree with you bob, but did you read the article? I don’t think this image is so bad when you consider what the point of the story was: to raise questions about her seriousness.

Sure, there are going to be lots of idiots who'll look at it and say that this is exactly why people like her, why she 'connects' with people.

The more intelligent reader will look at it and question her real benefit to the Republican Party.

just my opinion of course.

lightly said...

sorry saw legs and the entire brain switched off.
all other information about Sarah became irrelevant after that anyway.

itsmecissy said...

Yeah, I guess if you like the brainless-bimbo types.

What gets me is that SHE is crying SEXISM. Wasn't SHE the one who posed for the picture in the first place?????????

I pray she is the Repub candidate in 2012 (how about Carrie Prejean as VP?). Lots of male brains switching off then...and I'd have to move to Canada for sure!

hyoid archie said...

Newsweak? How bout Kneesweak? Va va va voom!!

Pam said...

As usual, men are thinking with the wrong heads.