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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

(from the files) 181. aroma therapy

keaton said, you know we could use a little aroma therapy around here.
i figured she was talking about me being stinky.
so i took it upon myself to sneak off, take a bubble bath, and use some of that fruity soap—something i have only considered doing under duress, like torture or something.
when i came downstairs, she had ignited a boatload of smelly candles, i guess to mask my man stink. so i blew them out.
she asked, what are you doing?
i said, you don’t need them, i applied some bubbles and fruity soap therapy to my aroma.
she said, i was trying to mask the burnt garlic on the stove top from dinner.
i said, yeah, i knew that. and now i plan to stand here smelling of fruits until the stink is gone. how about them apples?
she shook her head and left.
and as she disappeared into the hallway, i yelled sarcastically, you’re welcome!
then, as i leaned against the stove top, i thought, maybe she is just shocked by my sacrificing ways and doesn't know how to express her gratitude.

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