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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

951. blogging from the emergency room

this is cool.
they have wifi here at the emergency room.
oh, not to worry.
just some tests on the skull to check for drain bamage.
apparently took a few pops to the head.
frozen pork chops i believe, or so i'm told.
the last thing i recall was calling out to keaton, "my little baby dumpling" and then hearing, "baby dumpling!?! i'll baby dumpling you!"
woke up an hour ago and here i am, able to log ablout it.

i guess i should have gone with "whoopsie poopsie".


lightly said...

wow what an idiot, you really took a sharp one to the head. he woke up in the ER and his laptop was there, besides checking the head for dents i would take a closer look at the laptop.

Robert "Cranelegs" Crane said...

no i didn't bring my laptop mr. smarty pants. i built one while i was waitng to be checked out. what do ya think?

itsmecissy said...

I warned you yesterday about this, but did you listen NOOOOOOOOOO!

You're lucky it was just your head . . .

itsmecissy said...

And not very 'astucious' of you.