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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

952. losing my edge

i had a bit of a run in with the septic cleaner guy.
he and his partner were setting up when i approached them.
i was quite friendly and asked if they were able to find the septic cap i unearthed in the garden for them?
so then i mentioned that i was about to depart and were they planning to bill us or to get a check on the spot?
he said, we's plan to do what we's always done. i've been here plenty times before. i knows what needs to be done.
i waited for more information.
so i thought, was it my pink polo shirt?
but i didn't ask.
instead i said, okay then, i guess i'll be going.
then as i approached my car, the boss guy said, ya know what you can do?
i said, no. what?
he barked, cut them there bushes down so we's can see the cars coming. this here is a death trap. always has been.
i said, oh yeah. funny.
but he didn't laugh.
he spit a gooey tar wad into the hedges instead.
i left.

later that night i told keaton what had happened and that these guys had no sense of humor.
she said, well what did you expect, they have a sh%tty job.
that tickled me until i realized that was something i should have come up with first because that's the way it goes around here.
but maybe not anymore.
maybe there is a new sheriff of laughs in town.

or maybe i'm losing my edge.

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