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Thursday, June 11, 2009

893. emails from the future

another email from the future.
this one from january 18, 2038!
apparently, i'll be too sexy for my 86 year old shirt.
the text: someone in your area is looking for a discreet no-strings hook up.

no-strings i can do, although ropes can be fun.
as for discreet?
i'm not what you call discreet smart.
so i told keaton about this.
she said, have a field day.
sounds like permission to me.
no discreet required now.

so it's booked in my yahoo calendar with an alert for a week before because god knows i'll need to be alerted by then, mostly for preparation.

i'm sending my snappy reply now.
her email name is princessfelicia69.

oh baby, that can't be her age.
i'm assuming there must be 68 others.

1 comment:

lightly said...

and all things being equal at least one of them may be female