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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

890. finally, the marriage commitment!

i know people have wondered about the commitment keaton and i have to each other.
i have seen it in their eyes.
where's the "till death do us part" part, their dismissive glances ask?

well, for those wondering, we've taken that next step in the grand steps of commitment.
we married!
this past weekend!
and oh baby, what an emotional rollercoaster it has been for me.

after a blissful seven years, we finally took the leap!
the leap of marrying our cd collections that is.
a small weekend affair, just as the musicians would have wanted it.

yes, my precious dave matthews collection is wedged between the likes of barry manalow and sarah mcclaughlin.
(nothin for nothin, but if that isn't commitment, i'm not sure i know what is, especially the manalow part.
in fact i'm tempted to buy a matchbox 182 cd (or whatever) just to squeeze in between.)
meanwhile, neil young still holds up the rear but is actually touching someone named suzanne vega.
and the unlikely pairings go on and on like an english rock ending.

now, as you might have guessed, the ceremony did not play without a few pauses and rewinds.
i even slept on the floor next to the newly nuptialed the first night, partly for them, mostly for me.

i still drop by unannounced just to see how the honeymoon is progressing, only to slip away quietly to jerk silent tears of painful joy—the waterfall of two musical tastes now shared as one forever.

a moment please.

oh my, this is tough!
but then so is commitment.

so dave and neil will just have to get over it, much like myself—soon.


lightly said...

oh that explains the grumpy mood over the last few days. to bad but once the shock wears off you will feel sick to the stomach like the rest of us.
now its only a matter of time before your crap is moved to the curb, i say put dave and neil on ebay you might as well get some money back. it will help pay for beers (another pleasure soon to be removed).
the question i ask is how drunk were you?.

not sure the right word to use so i'm going with


itsmecissy said...

Wow, MARRIED! How wonderful, how stupendous . . . I think I'm going to cry!

My wish for you is the one given to me and Mr. itsme 32 years ago:

"May you grow old together on the same pillow."

Congratulations bob & keaton!!!

bob said...

wow! thanks!

yeah marrying our cd collections was quite a decision with all the risk that it might not work out.

but we think they have a good chance of making it.

and who knows, maybe we'll join them some day in nuptial bliss, but for now we are quite content to leave it to the cd collection.

lightly said...

hey sweetcheeks you have been married 7 years, the cd collection was her way of saying its official.

males are stupid and at this moment you our king

Pam said...

Love it, love it, love it! Congratulations on your CD marriage.

I thought I was doing well by being totally excited about meeting a really nice guy for the first time since Tom left me and went on to a more heavenly experience 21 months ago.

My new friend & I enjoy the same kind of music, so blended CDs shouldn't be an issue.

Besides when you get to "old coot status", stuff like that doesn't really matter anymore. It's those raging hormones when you're a senior citizen that matters. Whew!!

itsmecissy said...

Marrying your cd collection? Now I'm embarrassed . . .

bob said...

don't be itsme. apparently, i was being a little too vague. and now i have this whole viral marriage thing going on with emails and facebook and phone calls.

i was a little too cute for me britches i think!

and the cd's aren't doing well either!

itsmecissy said...

Well, OK. But I have to admit, the thought of Dave Matthews wedged (ewwwwwww) with Barry Manalow kinda grossed me out (and don't EVEN get me started on Suzanne & Neil).