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Thursday, April 23, 2009

853. the refrigerator has gone too far!

i have a long fuse but there are some things that just ... oh man ... tick me off!
and right now it's the refrigerator!
but it's going to get its soon enough—you can take that to the atm!

it all started a few days ago.
just when ya think you know your refrigerator, it pulls something like this.
it's been turning that interior light on whenever i close the door, because it's not on when the door is open.
and i've tried to catch it—god how i've tried—by sneaking up real quiet like and swinging the door open.
but it's too fast for my middle aged reflexes, and turns it off before i can see it on.

i'm telling ya, if i were twenty years younger, i'd catch it for sure.
but i'm not.
so i thought i'd fix the bastard real good, and took it up a notch.
i pulled the plug out so the light couldn't turn on anymore no matter how hard it tried.
but to spite me i noticed it started warming up the food.
well nothing burns my fuse faster than some one or some thing messing with my food.
no one!
no thing!

that was the last straw!
so i called customer service down at stan blangley's appliance store where i bought the darned thing, and they told me that they've seen this kind of behavior before, and short of paying for an expensive exorcism there's not much that can be done, and worse, there's no telling what it will do next.
so we agreed to replace it in the middle of the night when we might catch it sleeping.

and all i have to say is, adios amigo!
i'll leave the light on for ya!



itsmecissy said...

Sounds like Yahoody is up to his old tricks.

If it's not Yahoody, and the light stays on even when the door is closed, the light switch is defective and must be replaced.

If you are adept at simple repairs (ROFLMAO), this is a job that you may be able to handle yourself — but be sure to unplug the refrigerator before working on it.

If I were you (and knowing the moving the TV story) I'd call an appliance repair person.

P.S. What happened to Chef Steve?

lightly said...

i would like to know, if the door is closed how does he know the light is on.
bob I am not questioning your superpowers butt...

bob said...

let's see,

about chef steve ... we thought it best to keep traffic away while we are in the build mode. the site is still there but i took the link out to reduce visitors while we work with a professional designer to design/build the real website.

i probably need to fully disclose some info that might explain why i am certain of what is goiing on. i may have complained to vigorously that the beer was not cold enough. and after one particular bad mouthing while the door was open (so it could hear me) suddenly the light went out, which got me thinking, oh i see, it's turning the light on when the door is shut just to get me back for my little outburst.

anyway, that's how i piece things together. no suprepowers really. just rock sturdy deduction, thank you very much.

pam-horsepucky.blogspot.com said...

As itsmecissy said, it's probably a defective door switch. Give ole' Stan a call. OR call your power company and be sure they check line voltage for excessive voltage. OR use a candle. But then you'd have to leave the door open to be sure candle gets enough O2.

Whatever you decide to do, take two aspirin and call us in the morning.