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Saturday, April 25, 2009

855. the verizon bill and actionable intel

the monthly verizon bill can be a cornucopia of actionable intel.

for instance, when the text messages for a certain family plan member, who shall go nameless, jump to 1700 out of network, not only do we know the certain family plan member is in the throes of young, romantic chase but that the targeted, brainless, boneheaded nincompoop of said chase doesn't have verizon as his carrier of choice.
and when smug, we're-on-to-you references are bandied about the dinner table to the certain plan member as casually as passing the salt and pepper, intel sources are never revealed so as to serve well the pretense that parental units are omniscient—leaving the certain family plan member chock-a-block of shock and awe.


Pam said...

It's Spring! Those hormones are raging and so are the phone charges.

itsmecissy said...

It's beyond me how anyone can texts that much per day - I'm not a mathematician by any means but isn't that over 50 texts a day? 1700 divided by 30 (days)?

My husband and I share 400 minutes a month and we rarely even come near that . . . course, we've been married almost 32 years and the hormones don't rage as often - ROFL!

Pam said...

itsmecissy: LMAO! If those hormones kept raging after 32 years, we'd all be dead. Nature has a way of taking care of us.