"if it's good news, it must be someone else's"

Monday, March 2, 2009

837. turn down the noise

there isn't a front on which heavy clouds and cold winds are not gathering.
and all we can do is argue about how much snow we will receive.
bickering about inches when yard sticks will be called for.
where am i in all this?
i just have to look as far at the previous post to see that i am as caught up in it as the next person.

this is unsettling.
soul draining—in an unrecyclable way.

i need to quiet the restless roar.
i need to turn down the noise.
it won't be easy.
i'm not even sure where the knobs are.
but i need to.

i guess digging out of the near foot of snow dumped overnight is as appropriate a quiet start as will come my way anytime soon.
we'll see.


lightly said...

warm breeze blowing, a little light rain, but all in all quite a nice day

Pam said...

Wow! We usually get socked with yardstick high snow in upstate NY. We got zip this time. It's just bitter cold.

Those warm breezes and light rain sound mighty fine, lightly.