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Friday, February 27, 2009

(from the files) 425. the "jeepers and fiddlesticks" break-up

just when i start to get comfortable and think i’m a pretty good catch for keaton—even considering my propensity for manstakes and all—i remind myself that thirty five years ago i broke up with a perfectly wonderful girl because she said “jeepers” and "fiddlesticks" way too much.

that little guy gem reminds me of what possibly still lurks below the surface and snaps me out of my delusion licketty split.
the truth is it will take considerable more time and constant fine tuning to surmount that lowest of lows.
only then may i allow myself to indulge in such "good catchiness" business.

by all standard calculations, i estimate i'm 62% there, having slipped 11% since the original post (it's this unpublished/unemployment nuance that has set me back a little).

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