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Friday, February 13, 2009

819. howard stern, how are ye?

i usually don't find much pleasure in being right, but there are certain times when i bask in it because of those involved.
howard stern of sirius xm radio obscurity is such bask worthy fellow.
i don't know why really, but it might have something to do with his hypocritical, unapologetic, self-absorbed ways.

anyway, ever since the almighty one left free radio for the huge contract of pay-for-me radio, i have followed the slow downward spiral of his companies value over the past two years. specifically from over $6 a share to 6 cents just a day or two ago.
that's penny stock range oh flamboyant one.
and now there is bankruptcy in the air.
it doesn't get any lower.

i can just hear the spin and rants from howie now—of course none of this being his fault.
well, actually i can't hear them because i'd have to pay to listen and paying for radio is tantamount to being unamerican in my book.
so i'll have to imagine what he's yapping about.
i do bet it's pretty funny.
he usually is.

oh well, this brings me to the original post that i made back in may, 2007.

173. howard stern

it amuses me that now that howard has the freedom to say anything he wants, anyway he wants to, no one wants to pay to listen.

it's simple and to the point.
and i guess brilliant.
aaahhh ...
let the basking begin.
(okay, so i am flawed, shoot me already.)


lightly said...

the era of that is crap is now over.
we will start to see a whole load of this disappear.
nancy grace, jerry springer , reality tv, and the howard stern type people will just be a distant memory of what was.
giving sitcom stars a million dollars an episode is also over.

bob said...

you can say that again, especially when they can give a couple of schlubs like yo and me tens of dollars and dinner coupons for a little reality.