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Monday, February 16, 2009

820. andy gets all convalutigated

andy said, i'm jogging again and this time i have a real goal.
benny asked, you have a goal? what is it this time?
andy said, i plan to run every day until i either run a nine minute mile or run ninety days in a row, which ever comes last.
benny said, huh? then you plan to do both?
andy said, yeah.
benny said, then why didn't you just say that.
andy said, but i did.
benny said, i'm not so sure. you said it with all that andy convalutigation.
andy said, with what? is that one of them fancy, made-up, benny words? look, all i figure is that it's a better goal than running ninety days in a row and running a nine minute mile, which ever comes first.
benny said, i plan to either end this conversationalism or stop this talkatation, which ever works most.
andy said, geez, you can be so bluntacious sometimes.

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Pam said...

Those two guys make us copywriters cringe with delight.