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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

811. the economic platypus

everyone talks like they know how to stimulate the economy.
that's easy when any real accountability is replaced by political agenda.

well i for one have absolutely no understanding of what this thing is we call an economic system.
it appears to be no system at all.
or better yet, the glomming together of many disperse systems—along the lines of a platypus.
yeah, i think that's more like it.
we're dealing with an economic platypus. and you tell me! what's going to stimulate that?

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lightly said...

the question i ask is

where has all the money gone?

banks make about $1m on atm machines in one day, that $365m a year , lets not mention the other billions they make in the year.
you stimulate nothing but the ego's of CEo's by giving this stimulus packages.

these people who created the problem are MBA's , so we know it was just a money thing, nothing more. now we got politician fixing the problem, talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire.

lets just say the toilet has not been flushed yet, but its going to happen.

but it needs to happen, the new leaders will come to the fore and then the system will start fixing itself