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Saturday, January 24, 2009

806. dumb like a fox news

what is wrong with fox news.
they've gone ballistic.
less than 24 hours into obama's tenure and they are waving the yellow flag of fear over gitmo.
hannity and billo were besides themselves, telling americans to lock down because the attacks from obama freed terrorists are coming.
let's face it, they put the hippo in hippocrits.

they've become unglued.
the whole lot of them.
and as for those three knuckleheads passed off as a news team on saturday morning, total age of 45?
what liberty university teen prayer meeting did they yank them out of?
they were fawning—i mean crawl on the floor gravelling—over "i hope obama fails" limbaugh.
raving about his antics.
one chirping "we'll even cut away from commercial break if he just calls me on my blackberry."
needless to say i didn't hang around to find out.

well, the only certainty is that mainstream press never seemed more fair and balanced.
a heartfelt thanks fox and fiends.

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pam-horsepucky.blogspot.com said...

It's amazing how some of these media geeks get jobs.