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Thursday, January 22, 2009

803. the home alone nick nolte syndrome

i've been home alone now for a few days, and i have my home alone beard growth to prove it.
it's quite freeing.
no shaving.
but i'm worried that i'm taking on that nick nolte look.
wild hair, wrinkled clothes, and all.
although it seems to have its benefits.

why just yesterday i went to wegman's and the produce floor manager grabbed a granny smith, handed it to me, and politely showed me out the door.
it was a pretty good apple i must say.
crisp and tart, just the way i like them.
today i'm going back and heading directly to the fish department.
i'm shooting for a pound of chilean sea bass.
who knows?
kobe beef?
(and what a nutty departure that'll be from the vegan ways of keaton these past months!)

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