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Thursday, January 22, 2009

802. rush limbaugh: "i hope obama fails"

yes, he did say it, along with the quiet out (i.e., if success means liberal policies).
yes, it was another well calculated limbaughism for maximum impact: a short, shocking sound bite followed by the quoting discarded disclaimer.

say what you want, the man knows media manipulation and how to drive his naysayers crazy.
i know the latter first hand.
i used to be such a crazed person.
i actually can chuckle these days because the writing of changing demographics is on the wall.
his dominion may not be shrinking so much by number but it sure as hell is by percentage.
and rather than take stock to reassess his failed ideas, he chooses antics of sophomoric attention getters over any substance.

i don't know.
maybe he's just sulking because he wasn't invited over to the conservative pow wow dinner with president obama.
not part of the conservative inner think tank.
on the outs with his own.

reduced to nothing more than just another loud mouth, college drop out, chicken hawk, like his sidekick hannity, whining about the breaches of self defined patriotism, while the rest of us move on to problem solving.

you know, when obama spoke about leaving childish things behind, i think we can start with these big babies.
good riddance pudgy and tubby!

okay, so maybe that's not in the spirit of obama's message.
oh well, gotta work on the "in the spirit" skills i guess.
felt real good though!


itsmecissy said...

He's just pissed because whatever he says from now on is irrelevant. What a bitter gas bag he is . . . tsk, tsk, tsk.

bob said...

i think there's more afoot. i'm not so sure he has reached that conclusion, as true as it may be.

nope, i think he's too full of himself, and that's a lot of self to be full of. but he's getting there.

the fact is he's making over 35 million a year, and that brings with it a false sense of import.

but this latest attention getter is coulter-like. really stupid. really isolating himself from his colleagues who know better.

he a very wealthy, pathetic man at this point.