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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

801. forty four: a good number for president obama

i like that number, and he should too.
forty four.
has a real balance to it.
it even rhymes with "four more", something that might be quite convenient in a few years.

it's a number to be proud of too.
the number worn by syracuse running back ernie davis, the first black football player to race to collegiate football's prized heisman trophy back in 1961.
the same year when freedom rider buses ran for the equality of a race.

forty four years hence, obama is sworn in on january 4th, 2005, as junior senator from illinois.
and in the forty fourth month following, august 2008, he is nominated as the first black presidential candidate of the democratic party.

and what has happened since, priceless.

now we have number forty four.
and not since bobby kennedy have i felt so wild eyed.
almost crazy optimism really!
and it feels great.
there's even that little extra hop in my step, missing since bobby lay there on that hotel kitchen floor—a young journey ended.

and there's even this dumb smile i have (and it's dumb as dumb can be).
impossible to shake really—a good thing, as it seems just enough to keep the tears at bay.
hell, even my joints don't ache quite as much as they did yesterday.

ah, forty four!
what a number!

and what a great day for one young journey long-ended, reborn in another's grand journey begun!


Keaton's Mom said...

Beautifully spoken. There is nothing left to say.

itsmecissy said...

Change has (finally) come!

Pam said...

Beautiful post, Bob. May I add: Glory, Glory, Haleleuia!!